Leveraging God's Resources

The Lord led Roger and Judy Jeter to move from Cincinnati, OH to Colorado Springs, CO to begin a ministry that leverages Roger's twenty plus years of management consulting experience into helping the larger and more complex Christian ministries achieve and exceed their missions, visions and goals. Colorado Springs was the logical location for this ministry due to the high concentration of large ministries headquartered there.

In January of 2001 Roger became an independent consultant allowing him a level of flexibility to better direct his own time. During the early years Roger spent 90% of his time working in the commercial world and 10% providing no-cost services to ministries. God has blessed this small seed and has called Roger to transition to full-time service on a self-supporting basis.

After settling in Colorado Springs in September 2005, Roger began increasing the ministry vs. commercial mix of his work each year to an ultimate target of 70% ministry, 30% commercial. While Roger's heart is 100% in ministry, he believes it is essential to remain active in the commercial world not only for financial support but also for business contacts, professional development and ministry credibility.
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