Leveraging God's Resources
Core Beliefs

While LGR services are available to all Christian ministries without regard to their denomination, it is important that LGR and client ministries be closely aligned. To that end, the following statement of LGR's Core Beliefs is provided. Of course this statement of beliefs is not exhaustive; it consists only of beliefs that are most essential or are contextual to the LGR ministry.

LGR Essential Beliefs

  • The Bible is the complete, inspired, infallible and authoritative Word of God; its truths
          are absolute and are not to be compromised.
  • There is one God, existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Satan is a real person and depictions of Heaven and Hell in the Bible are literal.
  • Men are sinful by nature and can only be reconciled to God through their faith in the
          shed blood of Jesus Christ. That faith and God's grace are all that are required for
  • Those who accept Christ as their savior are eternally secure in their salvation.
  • All life is sacred and that the practices of abortion and euthanasia greatly grieve God.
  • The traditional family is ordained by God, and marriage is exclusively between one
          man and one woman.
  • Homosexuality is sin and is abhorred by God.
  • Government is ordained and established by God and accordingly Christians
          should take an active role in government. More specifically, Christians should vote
          regularly, should seek office and should prefer Christians over non-Christians in
  • America is a Christian nation, founded on Judeo Christian principles. Furthermore
          we believe that the currently popularized view of "separation of church and state"
          does not appear anywhere in the Constitution and that the Establishment Clause of
          the First Amendment was intended solely to prevent government from interfering
          with the free exercise of religion and from endorsing a particular denomination
          within Christianity.

  • LGR Contextual Beliefs

  • God has given each of us an abundance of time, talent and treasure. We can
          manage it effectively or we can squander it.
  • Most organizations and individuals (Christians not excluded) do not operate at their
          optimal efficiency or effectiveness resulting in wasted time, money and other
          resources; all of which belong to God.
  • Each Christian ministry is uniquely suited to its ministry calling; however, many
          ministries struggle to run the "business" aspects of their ministries as effectively as
          they run their core ministry.
  • Individual Christians desire to serve God better but can't seem to "find the time" to do
          so, resulting in much of the Lord's work going undone. Moreover, many Christians
          find it difficult to "find" the right opportunities to apply their unique talents for the glory
          of God.

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