Leveraging God's Resources
Ministry Orientation

LGR's primary focus is working with larger, more complex ministries that can benefit most from Roger's background and experience. LGR offers its services to all Christian ministries regardless of denomination.

Each year, Roger will partner with one or more ministries and undertake to do something of great significance in those ministries. The exact projects will be determined by the specific needs of the selected ministries.

In addition to these client based projects, Roger will also be undertaking projects directly aligned with his passion of "Leveraging God's Resources", either on his own or in partnership with other ministries. Some of the ideas, currently on the table include:
  • Writing a book on how an individual can leverage the resources God has provided
  • Developing and promoting a web based marketplace where Christian volunteers
          can search projects posted by Christian ministries and ultimately volunteer their
  • Conducting speeches and seminars designed to get Christians to align their time
          with their Christian testimony, such as:
  • Christian political involvement
  • Christian responsibility for action
  • Leveraging God's Resources
  • Working with Christian business people to leverage their talents and treasure for
          God's glory
  • Leveraging established ministries through synergistic cooperative ventures with
          other Christian ministries.

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