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Project Management

Our Project Management Services are designed to help an organization reduce the risk of project failure while amplifying project benefits and return on investment. We assist organizations by applying our services on three levels; the project level, the people level, and the organization level. Our services are organized into the following categories:

  • Project Governance Services
  • Project Initiation Services
  • Project Oversight Services
  • Problem Project Services
  • Project Fulfillment Services
  • Organizational Project Services

    Project Governance

    In today's competitive environment it is essential for organizations to assure that their limited capital funds are spent wisely. An organization must be able to weigh their alternative investment choices to ensure that profits and stakeholder value is maximized. We all know it is important to "do things right"; it is also essential to "do the right things." Project Governance Services are designed to help your organization select the best projects for your organization from many competing projects and then assure efficient completion of each project.

    Every year organizations allocate limited capital funds in a variety of methods that don't maximize their return on investment. Subjective prioritizations, political payoffs, and pet projects frequently take the lion's share of investment dollars, leaving many higher value projects competing for what is left.

    The first critical success factor of project management is to ensure that the project is "worth doing". Project Governance Services are designed to ensure a project gets off on the right foot by demonstrating its value to the organization. These services include:

  • Strategic Linkage Assurance
  • Benefit Identification
  • Cost and Benefit Quantification
  • Project Selection and Prioritization
  • Project Portfolio Management

    Project Initiation Services

    Everyone knows that it takes substantially more energy to launch a rocket outside of the Earth's atmosphere than it takes to complete the rest of the mission. This phenomenon holds true with projects as well. It takes an incredible amount of creativity, commitment, and effort to conceive and launch a project. Our Project Initiation Services are designed to help you get a fast start on and set a solid foundation for your projects.

    All too often, projects are approved conceptually and are handed off to the project owner to better define the "real project." Many times the cost and due dates are determined before the "real project" is defined. In effect, the project owner is being asked to turn a good idea with a fixed cost and delivery schedule into a successful project. No small task.

    Our Project Initiation Services help bridge the gap between concept and reality. We help you convert the organization's goals and objectives into a tangible project with discernible results and then help you plan how to get it done within your constraints. Our services include:

  • Scope and Deliverable Definition
  • Project Readiness Assessment
  • Project Planning Assistance

    Project Oversight Services

    We have all heard the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." However, project failure statistics suggest that we don't willingly heed this advice. Over 80% of all technology projects fail in some way; they are either over budget, late, or don't deliver the benefits. Most people think that projects fail during the final third of the effort. In reality most project failures are discernible to the trained eye in the first third of the project, while there is still ample time to do something about it.

    The symptoms of project failure are generally not recognized earlier, because project managers and executives alike don't know what a successful project should look like in its early stages.

    Additionally, once the project manager is charged with his project duties, he no longer represents the best interests of the project owner. He is looking out for the project's (his own) best interests first. This trait of human nature is especially true when using outside consultants to manage a project.

    Our Project Oversight Services focus on providing independent, objective project accountability for the project manager. We always approach our services from the project owner's point of view; making sure that your expectations are realistic, that your team is following effective practices, and that you get the right information to lead the project. Our services include:

  • Project Start-Up Services
  • Periodic Project Reviews
  • Deliverable Reviews
  • Final Project Review

    Problem Project Services

    While no one anticipates their project becoming a failure, national statistics tell a very different story; over 80% of your existing projects will be cancelled prior to completion or will be substantially late or over budget. Generally, our services seek to prevent Problem Projects; however, if one is already on your radar screen, then swift and decisive action must follow.

    Most executives and their project managers can't detect or are unwilling to admit to having a Problem Project, until it is too late for them to do anything about it. At this point, a high degree of skill is required to regain control of the project, present management with their options, and implement tactics to improve the situation.

    When management calls us in to help with a Problem Project, we must first diagnose the problem. From there we can immediately implement actions to improve the situation. Our services include:

  • Problem Project Reviews
  • Project Turnarounds
  • Dispute Resolution Assistance
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Consulting

    Project Fulfillment Services

    When a project is complete - then what? Many projects today declare themselves complete and a success when neither is really true. How do we know when a project is finished, let alone successful? All too often, if the work appears to be done then we think the project is done as well. This type of thinking "leaves money on the table." When you make a major investment, you need to leverage that investment for the greatest benefit.

    When the work appears to be done, it's time to make sure you are getting what you paid for. Our services include:

  • Vendor Closure
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Operations Handoff
  • Project Success Measurement
  • Benefits Extension and Leverage

    Organizational Project Services

    More and more organizations are recognizing the importance that project management has in their organizations. They recognize that change takes place via projects and that projects require a different set of talents, discipline and rules to be successful. We offer a full set of services to help your organization rise to the ever-increasing challenge of project management.

    Project failures cost American organizations billions of dollars each year. As a result, many organizations are recognizing the importance of project management. These organizations are investing in project management skills, methods, and vision.

    Our Organizational Project Services focus on creating internal capabilities for our client. When fully developed, our client's reliance on outside service providers will be greatly reduced. Our strategy for these services is encapsulated by the quote, "Give a man a fish and he'll eat today; teach a man to fish and he'll eat for all time." Our services in this area include:

  • Methodology Services
  • Training Services
  • PMO Formation (Project Management Office)
  • Knowledge Management Deployment
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