Leveraging God's Resources
LGR Rate Structure

Roger's standard commercial rate for consulting services is $200 per hour; however ministries never have to pay that rate. Ministries will automatically receive a 30% discount regardless of the project. Depending on the project, ministries could receive a 35-65% discount or could even receive the services for FREE. The discounting rationale is explained below:

  • Free Projects- depends on project characteristics and Roger's availability
  • Strategic or highly valuable project to the organization as a whole
  • Achieving something of great significance
  • Working directly for board of directors or C-Level managers (CEO, COO, CFO,
  • Somewhat flexible timing
  • Discounted (35-65% discount, or $70-$140 rate)
  • Applies to any project
  • Amount of discount depends upon the following factors
  • Degree of travel required
  • Size & timeframe of project
  • Degree of flexibility in timing
  • Existing workload
  • Ability of ministry to pay
  • Impact or criticality of work to the ministry
  • Leveragability of the project (value or benefit of the project relative to
          amount of time required to complete it)

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