Leveraging God's Resources

Painting by Giulio Pavisi (1600) on wall at Galleria degli uffizi (Florence, Italy)

"Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world."
- Archimedes (Father of the lever, 287-212 BC)

The application of leverage for mechanical advantage probably pre-dates recorded history. However leverage wasn't fully understood or explained until Archimedes, the greatest mathematician of his time, explained it fully. Archimedes embraced the power of the lever as evidenced by his quote above.

Leveraging God's Resources has embraced the concept of leverage as well. However LGR's focus is on the application of a much less tangible mechanical advantage into the context of the human experience.

We recognize that the all powerful and resourceful God has chosen to work through much less capable men and women. And given that God has entrusted much to mankind, we believe that mankind owes a duty to work at its' highest efficiency and effectiveness to achieve God's purposes. Further, we believe that God has provided us with sources of natural leverage and that they are discoverable through scripture and through observations from the physical world. It is LGR's aim to help individuals and organizations identify these principles of leverage and apply them in their own setting.
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